"Last Man Standing" returned with its latest season 5 on 25 September. The ABC series saw Tim Allen, the former star of "Home Improvement", make a comeback as Mike Baxter in the premiere, titled "The Wolf Returns" and watch him being surrounded by situations that test his ideas in which he strongly believes in this week's episode.

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Last week's premiere saw Baxter, a traditional-minded American dad who works as the marketing director for a chain of outdoor sporting goods stores return from a long road trip. Mike is the king of the hill at work, but, he's the odd man at home that is dominated by women -- his wife and their three daughters.

He was very happy to be home, but realised a lot has happened at work and at home in his absence. He finds out that Vanessa has redecorated their room while Mandy and Eve are fighting more than usual. He gets frustrated and ends up hurting Vanessa's feelings. On the other hand, Ed is heartbroken after Wendi left him for spending too much time at work, and he stays at the Outdoor Man store with a tornado headed toward Denver.

Meanwhile, Kristin was seen putting off her honeymoon with Ryan because she's finally found a job she enjoys, but the tornado makes her reconsider her options. The pilot episode ended with Mandy revealing that she lied about how great things went during her internship in New York City.

The fiasco continues this week with "Free Range Parents". Amidst the mass chaos of picking up Ryan from school, this week's episode will see Mike asking a reluctant Ryan to let Boyd walk home unsupervised. Meanwhile, Ed and Kyle hold a Doomsday Preppers meeting, and Eve and Mandy try to keep a secret from Vanessa.

Episode synopsis reads:

Mike wants Boyd to walk home from school on his own, but Ryan's hesitant to allow this. Meanwhile, Ed and Kyle host a meeting for folks preparing for doomsday and Eve and Mandy try to keep Vanessa in the dark about something.

"Last Man Standing" season 5 episode 2, titled "Free Range Parents", will be aired on 2 October at 8 pm on ABC.