If period drama is your thing, then the new BBC show might just be a gem as far as period dramas on television go. "The Last Kingdom" explores the Vikings' invasion of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the ninth century. The TV show, replete with eight episodes, is adapted from writer Bernard Cornwell's best-selling "Saxon Stories" book series. 

The plot primarily deals with the birth of England and how the Anglo-Saxons fought to safeguard their land. The first few episodes explore the character of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Tom Taylor) and his life in the Viking land, under the reign of Earl Ragnar (Peter Gantzler). Uhtred, whose father is killed by the Danish, is taken as a prisoner by the Vikings and is then made the surrogate son of Ragnar. 

Later on, Uhtred employs some espionage tactics and spills the Vikings' battle plans to the Anglo-Saxon ruler, King Alfred the Great (David Dawson). 

The TV series has gained favourable reviews so far and has even been compared to HBO's
"Game of Thrones."

"The Last Kingdom" premieres on Saturday, 10 October at 10pm on BBC America. You can live stream the episode via BBC Player.

Watch the trailer for "The Last Kingdom" below: