If last week's episode was an indicator of tough times for Uhtred, episode 6 will fully suck him into an abyss of more problems. 

At the end of episode 5, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) was humiliated. He was asked to grovel for drawing his sword at King Alfred. The angry young eldorman did not contain his distaste for the Saxons and their piousness, and ended up killing his farm's manager, Oswald, in the process. Also, episode 5 ended with Uhtred and his friend, Leofric's deal to plunder Britons in Cornwall. And this week's episode will depict their raids across the country.

In episode 6, Uhtred undertakes a journey to Cornwall, along with Leofric (Adrian Bower) and the King's newphew, Aethelwold. Although Uhtred's young ally will prove himself useful, it remains to be seen if his drunkenness gets the better of him. 

Furthermore, the latest episode on BBC's fictional historical drama will introduce a new character: Queen Iseult (Charlie Murphy). According to a recent article, she is the shadow queen of one of the Cornish Kings. The article further states that Uhtred will get enamoured by the young queen, who is a pagan and shares the same distaste for Christianity. But this relationship will perhaps get the young hero into trouble.

We predict that King Alfred (David Dawson) will want to punish Uhtred for killing Oswald and forging a dangerous relationship with Queen Iseult. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how the King of Wessex enforces his punishment whilst Uhtred is on a rampage across the country.

Episode 6's synopsis reads:

"Uhtred and Leofric lead a raiding party in Cornwall, who become mercenaries for a Cornish king while Uhtred gets the attention for a sorceress queen." 

"The Last Kingdom" season 1 episode 6 airs on Saturday, 14 November at 10pm on BBC America. You can live stream the episode online here.