Lady Gaga sure knows how to make heads turn. The 11 times Grammy Awards winner is back with a new song, Stupid Love. The music video directed by Daniel Askill marks the singer's collaboration with BloodPop®, Tchami, and Max Martin.

The music video pictures different tribes fighting each other for power in a world grappling with conflict and troubles. The video starts with a message, "While the Spiritual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness punks fight for Chromatica."

Lady Gaga had earlier spoken about the making of the song, stating, "This was very emotional for me making this album and I cried constantly and I was writing poetry constantly,"

The new single, "Stupid Love" actually follows the soundtrack of A Star Is Born soundtrack. Gaga won a nomination to the prestigious Oscar Awards earlier last year for her role in the movie that also starred Brad Cooper.

Lady Gaga had fans waiting for 3 years for her new album. In March 2019, she had left a cryptic message stating, she was 'pregnant with #LG6.

Although the single is part of her upcoming album that Gaga was been referring to as LG6, the album's official name has not been revealed yet. Fans have speculated the name could be Chromatica, but there has been no confirmation by the singer on this.

The rest of the album is expected to follow in soon and fans can expect Lady Gaga's signature larger than life pop music. Lady Gaga has also hinted towards no ARTPOP, tweeting, 'I don't remember ARTPOP' in November last year.

A lot of things are not clear at the moment, but with the single out, fans can now expect to be surprised with newer details soon.

The 33-year old singer has won an Academy Award, three Brit Awards, one BAFTA Award, and two Golden Globe Awards for her outstanding music so far.

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