It's been a while since we've met Caitlyn Jenner on "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Kendall and Kylie Jenner's father, who did not go on the family vacation to St. Barts, will finally make an appearance in this week's episode.

In Season 11 Episode 9, Kendall and Kylie discuss their relationship with their dad. Kendall, the Victoria's Secret Supermodel, reveals that she misses doing all the boyish things with Caitlyn, which involves dirt biking and other adventurous activities.

Kendall adds, "I feel like you guys bond so well because you're super into make-up and I'm not."

On her part, Kylie comforts her and asks Kendall to get her nails done with Caitlyn.

In the latest episode, mommager Kris Jenner asks her daughters to get a DNA test so that they can identify the risk of breast cancer in the family. Kim Kardashian and the rest oblige. However, in the promo, Khloe tells her mother that she doesn't want to take the test. When Kris insists, Khloe says that she doesn't want to know if she might or might not get breast cancer.

The synopsis for Season 11 Episode 9 reads:

Kris encourages her daughters to take a genetic test to determine their risks for cancer, but not everyone is on board. Meanwhile, Kendall struggles to find a balance in her relationship with Caitlyn and the family help Scott, who hits a low point while Kourtney is out of town with friends.

"Keeping up with the Kardashians" Season 11 Episode 9 titled "Fear of the Unknown" airs on Sunday, 17 January, at 9 pm on E! You can live stream the episode via E! Live.

Watch the promo below: