Jealousy Incarnate
Jealousy Incarnate is among the most popular Korean series of this fall.Facebook/Jealousy Incarnate

K-drama "Jealousy Incarnate" has been doing a pretty good job of treading the line between comedy and drama while managing to grip the fans' interest. In the upcoming episode, we will see the main characters dealing with new low - rejection and death.

In the previously aired episode of "Jealousy Incarnate", fans saw Na ri (Gnd Hyo jin) and Hwa shin (Jo Jung suk) spending time with each other at the hospital. Along with his post-op bra shenanigans, Hwa shin also had to deal with the news of his brother's death.

Hwa shin was teasing Na ri about her affections for him, offering to go out with her a few times if she wouldn't expose the fact that he was trying on a bra after his surgery. He also told her that she is still not over him and that she needs to give herself some time before trying to move on with his best friend Jung won (Go Kyun pyo).

Jung won, in his part, seems to be interested in Hwa shin, even trying to sponsor her clothes and telling her often that he believes in her talents. It is clear that he wants to date her and he says so in the promo for the upcoming episode 7. "I want to date Pyo Na ri properly and have a passionate relationship," he says in the promo, in all probability to Hwa shin.

Meanwhile, Hwa shin, who is still dealing with his personal problems will be seen trying to maintain his distance from Na ri, much to her chagrin. He pretends to not know her in office, and although she is the one that demanded him to do so, she does not seem happy with this.

How will Hwa shin, Na ri and Jung won's relationship pan out in the future? Find out when episode 7 and 8 of "Jealousy Incarnate" is aired on Wednesday and Thursday respectively via Drama Fever.