"Jane the Virgin" season 2 is back after a short two-week short hiatus. The CW aired episode 7, titled "Chapter Twenty Nine", on 23 November and it will be airing the Christmas/mid-season finale episode 8, titled "Chapter Thirty", on 14 December, before heading for a winter break. And it looks like Jane and Rafael are still at odds. But Rafael has got his moves planned to convince Jane.

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Last time, in episode 7, we saw how Jane along with and her family and Rafael went for Black Friday shopping where she accidentally met Michael. We finally learned that Michael was not actually fired but has been working undercover for the past six months.

Meanwhile, Rogelio's Hollywood dreams are squashed and he decided to go back to his original studio and accept any job they throw at him, fearing he won't be able to maintain his ostentatious lifestyle otherwise. Also, Xiomara finally made some progress in her music career, but hits a snag due to Rogelio's meddling. 

And at the end of the episode, titled "Chapter Twenty Nine", Jane and Rafael started searching for babysitters for Mateo and she was almost convinced by Rafael's offer of raising Mateo together. But then, she discovered some unsettling news about Rafael and how he set Michael up when they went on a date.

This week, in episode 8, things will continue to look difficult for Jane and Rafael as they will be fighting while struggling to plan baby Mateo's first Christmas. In the promo of "Chapter Thirty", the parents are seen arguing, while standing in the line, waiting to introduce Mateo to Santa in a local mall. But at the same time, the preview clip also shows Rafael passionately kissing Jane to say sorry for what he did.

This Christmas special episode will also see Jane finding ways to pay for her grad school as the scholarship she has been counting on will fall short. The mid-season finale will also focus on Rogelio, who will be seen worrying that he made the wrong choice in hiring his new intern. While Petra is bewildered as her mother got them in trouble once again.

The official Synopsis of Chapter Thirty reads: "Jane discovers she still needs to find a way to pay for grad school; Rogelio struggles to trust his intern; Michael searches for Luisa's mother."

"Jane The Virgin" season 2 episode 8, titled "Chapter Thirty", will be aired on Monday, 14 December, at 9pm on CW.