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"Jane The Virgin" Season 2 is finally showing Jane's love life getting back on track. While the last couple of episodes saw The CW's comedy drama's lead struggling to date new men in the hope of finding true love, in Episode 13 it looks like things are finally falling in place for her.

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In Episode 12, we saw how Jane threw a baby shower for Petra. But the most interesting twist in the episode was about Jane's love life taking a big leap. She asked Xo for advice about her relationship with Jonathan, and realised that he was not the right man. She showed up at his apartment, but then couldn't go through with having sex with him.

And while she is crying, her Mr Right, Michael showed up at her doorstep. At the end of "Chapter Thirty-Five" we saw Michael asked Jane whether she still loved him and she said, "yes." He confessed that he had to push her away because of the Sin Rostro investigation and that he wants to get back to her now.

Episode 13, will take off from where the previous episode left us. According to the synopsis, Jane and Michael will get back together as his persistence to get her back works in her favour, and on the other hand, Rafael will be sulking over losing Jane for good. But, Jane apparently will try to get Michael and Rafael to work on their differences, and it doesn't go well.

The promo of "Chapter Thirty-Five" teases that Rafael will be so engrossed in the thoughts of losing Jane, that he would start ignoring pregnant Petra.

Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio, who broke up in the previous episode will behave like a couple.

Plot synopsis of "Chapter Thirty-Five" (via TV Guide) reads: "Jane plays peacemaker with Michael and Rafael, but their interaction is far from harmonious. Meanwhile, Rafael neglects a pregnant Petra; Xo and Rogelio behave like a couple, despite being broken up; and Rogelio hires a seemingly perfect new assistant."

"Jane The Virgin" Season 2 Episode 13, titled "Chapter Thirty-Five", will be aired Monday, Feb. 29, 9 p.m. on The CW.