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"Jane The Virgin" Season 2 returned after a midseason break with Episode 9, titled "Chapter Thirty-One", on 25 January. While the episode focused on a lot of family drama for Jane, it looks like the upcoming Episode 10, "Chapter Thirty-Two", will bring back the lost romance in her life with potential new love interests.

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Last week, on Episode 9, Rogelio's mom Liliana revealed to Jane that Manuel was actually gay and was leaving her for a man after 47 years of marriage. After Jane shared this with her family, Rogelio initiated a conversation with his mother, and hosted a get-together, where he invited his dad as well.

In "Chapter Thirty-One", we also saw Rafael, after a heart-to-heart, honest conversation with Petra, finally contacting his mother again. Meanwhile, Michael and Jane came to an understating about their relationship. And at the end of the episode, Rafael finally discovered the real identity of Mutter.

Now, on Episode 10, Jane will finally get romance back in her life as she starts dating other men. After being persuaded by her friends, Jane decides to hit the dating scene and explore her choices.

A preview of "Chapter Thirty-Two" shows Jane dating a series of men to find her Mr Right. The clip also teases Jane getting hot and steamy with her professor Jonathan Chavez in his office. She is also seen sharing a kiss with Dax, an attractive computer wiz before he springs a surprise on her.

So who will be Jane's new love interest? It looks like Episode 10 will reveal the answer.

The official synopsis of "Chapter Thirty-Two" reads: "Jane considers dating again when she meets a guy named Dax; Rogelio immediately regrets asking his mother to be his manager; Rafael shares information with Michael."

"Jane The Virgin" Season 2 Episode 10, titled "Chapter Thirty-Two", will be aired on Monday, 1 February, at 9 pm on The CW.