James Blake
James Blake releases music video for James Blake official Facebook page

After surprising fans with his third album "The Colour In Anything" last week, British experimental electronic musician James Blake recently released a music video for "I Need A Forest Fire," a song from the album. The video is directed by United Visual Arts.

"I Need A Forest Fire" is a song in which Blake collaborated with Justin Vernon, the vocalist and primary songwriter for Wisconsin-based indie folk band Bon Iver. The song sees him making a departure from his minimalistic music roots and going into a more indie pop oriented sound. Maybe this is due to the fact that Vernon's vocals is a major part of it. But what Blake doesn't let go of in this song is the serene atmospheric overtone that he is so well known for.

The music video for the song is abstractness personified. Shot in an art gallery, it showcases a series of abstract art pieces in a playful light and shadow mix that becomes kaleidoscopic to the naked eye after a certain point of time. The video acts as a perfect complement to the song and amplifies its overall surrealistic vibe.

"The Colour In Anything" comes three years after Blake released his sophomore record, "Overgrown." After releasing the album Blake remained out of the limelight before co-writing "Pray You Catch Me," and co-producing and singing "Forward;" both songs from Beyonce's 2016 album, "Lemonade."