Ravi has received some unpleasant news that will surely disturb Liv more as she is still coping with the fact that her favourite actor has been murdered brutally in "iZombie" season 2's upcoming episode titled "Method Head". 

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TV.com has mentioned that Liv is crushed when she discovers that the lead actor on her favourite show, "Zombie High", is murdered on the set.

Meanwhile, Vaughn tests Major's loyalty, while Ravi delivers a bad news and Blaine receives an unexpected visitor.

Liv has been a fan of the actor since her childhood and was looking forward to meet him soon. However, his murder has left her devastated and now, she is set to find the killer.

Elsewhere, Vaughn is still not sure how trustworthy Major is and comes up with a plan to find out whether Major is being loyal or is just bluffing like before.

While Ravi's news has shocked Blaine, he is further taken aback when an old accomplice visits him unexpectedly. Now, he must tackle the situation without letting others know who exactly is the mysterious person.

In the previous episode titled "Cape Town", The Fog -- a vigilante crime fighter -- was murdered while intervening the mugging of Mary Contreras -- a mobster money courier.

The other superheroes told Liv and Clive that The Fog wanted them to prevent a weapon shipment for Mr. Boss.

Blaine asked Liv to save Drake, a fatally wounded drug dealer of his team, by turning him into a zombie, as Drake was the only one who knew about the tainted utopium -- the cure.

At the end of the episode, Liv broke up with Major again, and Ravi found that his cured rat had turned back into a zombie.