Quinn may find out that Sunny has a secret agreement with the River King to get out of the Badlands in the latest episode of "Into the Badlands" titled "Snake Creeps Down."

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In the synopsis mentioned by TV.com, Sunny secures his escape from the Fort, Quinn grows suspicious. Meanwhile, The Widow's decisions set her on a collision course with Sunny and M.K.

It seems that Sunny and M.K. may have to face The Widow's wrath soon and will be left with no choice than to fight her.

In the previous episode titled "Two Tigers Subdue Dragons," Sunny had to figure out how to control M.K.'s power, especially when he got knocked out by a single punch.

Jade prepared for her wedding, and taking Lydia's advice, she stopped her relationship with Ryder, who felt broken and betrayed. Sunny found out Veil had been helping M.K. translate the Azra book and treating Quinn for his tumour.

Later, Quinn set a parlay with Baron Jacobee to help him defeat The Widow after she beheaded one of his Clippers. Both barons met in the City of the Dead at Cross Bend where problems arose.

M.K. spied a disguised Tilda and gave pursuit, after which they had a fight. Tilda cut him, unleashing his darkness that only she could stop. Ryder was enlisted by Zephyr who was secretly working for The Widow to join their cause to start a war.

Waldo granted Sunny an audience with the River King, importer of goods and cogs, to reserve a passage out of the Badlands.

With Quinn keeping an eagle eye on him, it will be not easy for Sunny to get out of the Badlands, even with the River King's assistance. Will he manage to escape or will he be caught by Quinn, that will be seen only in the next episode.