Watch video of fireworks filmed by a camera attached to a Drone. Spectacular images were captured as GoPro camera hovers amid illuminating Pyrotechnics.YouTube Screengrab

Ever wondered how the Fourth of July fireworks would look like from an aerial view, while a drone captures all the lights, radiance and illumination of the pyrotechnics from every angle from far above in air?

Well, someone has made such a view possible by sending a camera attached with a drone high above in air, capturing the brilliance that radiated the night sky in an amazing firework display in an American city – although there is no indication if the footage was shot during an Independence Day celebration.

The wonderful footage – showing the mesmerizing view of the rockets throwing colorful lights into the night sky as we fly through the fire-like flames – has gone viral on YouTube ever since the footage was posted in May. The video has captured more attention a day after the American Independence Day celebrations as people wondered how the fireworks would look like from a mid-air angle.

Watch the Video Below:

"If you watch any Fourth of July videos, this is the one. Remarkable footage and it's surprising that the guy's drone didn't get lost as he's flying it alarmingly close to some of these explosions," said an individual named Danial Halock commenting on the YouTube video.

"I'm guessing most of us have never seen fireworks from this angle before..." said Todd Beiley.

"Wow that was awesome! I like how they reversed the footage that was neat!" said an awe-inspired Brandon Lantier.

"Now this is what you do with a drone," was another quip from Kevin Patton.

The four-minute long video surprised every viewer as it showed awesome images of the fireworks from amazingly close distance in the air as the attached camera tried to capture every angle possible of the magnificent images as it took turns and twists.

A 360-degree rotation of the camera somewhere in the middle of the footage was particularly breathtaking as it gave viewers an experience of a wonderful rotational effect as the flames illuminated beautifully in circular motion– a kind of heavenly experience as though dancing in the middle of lights illuming from all directions.