IMA director Mohammed Mansoor Khan with Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig and Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy
IMA director Mohammed Mansoor Khan with Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig and Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamyfacebook

After IMA director Mohammed Mansoor Khan left the country leaving nearly 50,000 investors stranded, another video has surfaced on the internet in which Khan has claimed of coming back to India to clear all the mess created by his firm. Khan said that he is ready to liquidate his assets and return the money to the investors. He is also ready to cooperate with SIT.

In the new video, Khan has said that IMA never cheated anyone but the company was not on stable grounds due to corruption in the central, state and local level authorities. Khan claimed that many bigwigs are involved and it is not possible to oust them. He said that he has the complete list of people who took money from him and the company for their personal benefits.

He regrets leaving the country and wishes to return. He also asks Bengaluru Police Commissioner Alok Kumar to help him out. The video has surfaced after 15 days.

Khan said that he wants to come back to India and wants the authorities to make ways for his return so that he can put the real story to the people and return their money. Khan also alleged that he tried to return to India ion June 14 but he could not as he was deboarded and told to contact the immigration department. When he went there, they were not available as it was time for Juma prayer.

Khan said that when he left the country, there was non-verbal assets and properties worth Rs 500 crore, 120 kg solid gold and 600 kg bullion which is no more there and are missing. He also said that many of the crucial documents and gold and jewellery were moved from the company vault by some of his friends and relatives.

He said that the gold and other documents were moved by his relative Nizamuddin, IMA director Mohammed Waseem, Khalid Ahmed and his son Fahad Ahmed on Friday night. He said that Nizamuddin had access to the vault along with a few other people involved with IMA.

He also said that the Rs 600 crore bail-out plan was true as a bank had promised to help him but he could not do so as the alleged IAS officer had asked for Rs 10 crore. Khan could not deliver it to him at the said time due to which his NOC was cancelled.

He said that he was being accused of running a Ponzi scheme which is not true. He claimed that he ran a legitimate business. "You cannot build another IMA. You have to do many regulated and unregulated activities while doing business," he said.

In the video, Khan said that he has no idea about his family, which is alleged to be somewhere in India. If he releases the names of the people involved in IMA through the video, their safety is at stake as many top shot people's name will come out and their true face shall be revealed before the public. "Insha Allah I will come back with all the details," he said.