Episode 3 of the trailblazing reality show "I am Cait" will be aired on Sunday, 9 August, and in the coming episode Caitlyn Jenner will reveal if she has any plans on dating men. She will also get further educated on the issues plaguing the Transgender community in "The Road Trip: Part 2".

In "The Road Trip: Part 1" we saw Caitlyn and her Transgender friends go on a road trip to attend an HRC meet-up so she can better understand the issues that Trans people face. All her friends were positive surprised by her willingness to attend meeting, although the collective verdict is that she has had a very sheltered life, and therefore may not be the apt spokesperson that the Transgender community needs today.

Caitlyn's unfamiliarity with the social stigma against Trans people became glaringly evident when she responded to Transgender activist Drian Juarez's anecdote about having to resort to sexual work to pay for her transition with you should read Janet Mock's book.

However, it is quite unrealistic to expect Caitlyn, who has been received with open arms universally, albeit due to her economic and social status, to understand the struggles of every Transgender person just days after she came out.

In the meeting, a few participants did express that they felt it was unfair and in episode 3, they are expected to get more vocal. But, as long as they do not get too aggressive, and explain their lives and struggles to Caitlyn she could be the kind of spokesperson the community deserves.

After the meeting she will also tearfully speak about her own journey and the struggles she faced and the worries she had about her family and how they would react. 

The show also deals with some lighter moments like Caitlyn's preference in sexual partners. In the promo she said that although she can appreciate the male form, she still prefers to be with women. Her friends Courtney and Rhonda also teased Caitlyn about having a crush on Candis Cayne, a Transgender actress.

In a promo for one of the coming episodes, Cadis is also seen asking Cait if she wants to go on a date. Hopefully we will get to see the two of them together in "I am Cait".

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner will soon appear on "I am Cait" during the 18th birthday celebrations of their daughter Kylie Jenner. The selfie with her parents were posted by Kim, who is the only Kardashian daughter that visited Caitlyn since she came out.

Watch out for the series premiere at 8.00 PM (EST) on Sunday, 9 August on E! You can also watch it online via E! Online.