"I am Cait" is inching closer towards the finale, and in the upcoming penultimate episode of the season "What's In a Name?" we will see Caitlyn's mother Esther returning to see her daughter.

Esther has come a long way from the first time we saw her in episode 1. She is even trying to understand more about transgender people, so that she can be more supportive of her child. We might also get to see Caitlyn's former wife and "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star, Kris Jenner.

Caitlyn has not yet revealed if she wants to date men or women, but she is spending a lot of time with Candis. However, from the last episode, it is understood that the two of them only understand each other very well, and moreover, Candis has mostly expressed her attraction towards men.

Although Caitlyn is still confused about her sexuality, she is confident about her gender, and her mother and sisters have come over to render their support yet again.

In the upcoming episode, Esther and Caitlyn's two sisters are seen enjoying the good old time with all of Cait's transgender friends. Esther even asks all of them about their transitioning journey and expresses pride in Caitlyn's decision to embrace who she really is.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn is upset that some of her family members have not reached out to her yet. She is especially hoping to speak with Kris and talk out a few misunderstandings they may have, especially pertaining to the Vanity Fair interview.

In the coming episode, Cait invites Kris over, and we will see the latter's initial reaction to her former husband's new identity.

Watch out for episode 7 of "I am Cait" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Sunday, 6 September. You can also live stream "What's in a Name?" via E! Online.

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