"I am Cait", the eight-part documentary series based on Caitlyn Jenner's journey immediately after she came out as a woman, is drawing to a close soon, and fans are all desperate to know if she and her friend Candis Cayne will start dating.

In the recent episodes, we saw Cait taking baby steps in coming to terms with her gender identity. She learned to use "us" and "we" and not "they" and "them", when referring to the transgender community. She also realised that while she has had a privileged life, there are many in the community who have faced violence and had to resort to sex work, in order to reach where they are today.

While Caitlyn is trying her best to do what she can for the community in general and a few of its members in particular, she has explicitly told her friends that she cannot worry about an orgasm when her community is in dire need of her help.

However, like most viewers, one of her friends also realised that she is shying away from the topic, and trying to delay dating as much as she can.

We will see Caitlyn tackling the issue of romance in the upcoming episode 6 titled "The Dating Game". In the last few episodes, Caitlyn has been growing fonder of actress Candis Cayne, noticing which her friends have been teasing her relentlessly.

In "The Dating Dame", Caitlyn visits a gay bar in Los Angeles named The Abbey, and although our protagonist is weary of the scene there, she enjoys watching Candis on stage, dancing. Caitlyn's attraction towards Candis is very clearly evident.

Candis will ask Cait out on a date in episode 6, and looking at Candis Cayne's latest instagram posts, it looks like Cait said yes to her proposal.

Watch out for "The Dating Game" at 8.00 PM (EST) on Sunday, 30 August. You can also live stream the upcoming episode via E! Online.