After some "Family Interference" from Kim and Khloe, Caitlyn Jenner is getting closer to her daughters and one-by-one, all of the Jenner-Kardashian clan are getting to meet her and see how happy she is of late.

In episode 5 of the E! show, we will see her former wife Kris meeting with Caitlyn on "I am Cait" for the first time.

From Khloe and Kim's talks with Cait in episode 4, we know that none of the family members are too happy with the Vanity Fair article, in which Caitlyn came out. Although Cait insists that she was only being completely honest, some of her comments hurt her family members; especially Kris. Although she made her peace with her step-daughters Kim and Khloe, she will have to explain her words and actions to her former wife.

Kris is hurt that Caitlyn mentioned that, had the former been more understanding, their marriage would have worked. Both Kim and Khloe pointed out in "Family Interference" that their mother is not a lesbian and just like Caitlyn could not have lived as Bruce anymore, Kris couldn't be married to a woman.

In the coming episode, the Kardashian matriarch is seen telling Caitlyn with tearful eyes that Caitlyn is very sensitive and amazing to the new people in her life, but is not so with the family she left behind.

"I tried to do everything I can, to be nice, to reach out," Caitlyn says and asks Kris to see it from her perspective.

Alluding to the Vanity Fair article, Kris tells Caitlyn that after she gave all of her life to someone, meaning Cait, it is heartbreaking to see it called a distraction. Caitlyn explains that it was only a distraction from who she was all along, but it "doesn't mean I didn't love you".

"Be an ally, when it comes to dealing with the kids," Caitlyn tells Kris in the promo for "Take Pride". Watch out for episode 5 of "I am Cait" at 8.00 PM (EST) on Sunday, 16 August. You can also livestream "Take Pride" via E! Online.