After interacting with her new-found family of Transgender community, and being completely and truly Caitlyn for the first time, the star of "I am Cait" finally returns back to reality. While her Transgender friends got to see that she is not just about the glitz and glam, and may be a saviour for the community, her family may take some time in understanding her, and her decisions.

In the upcoming episode 4 of "I am Cait", Kim, who has been Caitlyn's biggest supporter, talks to her regarding the Vanity Fair article. The Vanity Fair article was basically Caitlyn's introduction to the world, wherein she speaks of her journey and opens up about her innermost thoughts and in some cases, regrets.

In the article she has mentioned that if her former wife Kris Jenner was a little more understanding, their marriage could have been saved, which ticked off Kris' daughters Khloe and Kim. The later tried to make Cait understand that she has every right to power through to the top, but she should be able to do it without trampling her family. Kim tells her that it is completely unfair of her to blame Kris.

In another part of the Vanity Fair interview she also implied that her daughters with Kris – Kylie and Kendall – were a distraction. Kim says that while Cait may only be stating the facts, her young sisters will be unable to brush it off.

Since the show began Kim and Kylie are her only family members that stopped by to see her, and she had expressed grief that Khloe, Kendall and Courtney are being distant with her. However, Khloe does stop by in "Family Interference", but the interaction does not go very well – at least initially. In the promo the two are seen having an altercation about something Khloe told Caitlyn, and the latter telling her former step-daughter that she does not know what she is talking about.

Meanwhile, Caitlin is spending a lot of time with Candis, and although Caitlin has not revealed what her sexuality is, it is pretty clear the two of them are getting serious with each other. She is also still trying to understand the issues that are plaguing the Transgender community and evaluating how she can help counter them.

Watch out for episode 4 of "I am Cait" at 8.00 PM (EST) on Sundy, 16 August. You can also live stream "Family Interference" via E! Online.