A Texas man shocked his wife by letting her know she is pregnant by conducting a pregnancy test, that too without her knowledge.

A few days ago, the 26-year-old Nia -- mother of two -- told her husband she is "two weeks late" and the only way to confirm whether she was pregnant was to test her urine sample.

Interestingly, Sam Rader, 29, succeeded in "stealing" his wife's urine after she did not flush the commode at midnight to avoid waking her child.

In the video, recorded by Rader, he says how thrilled he is to check if his wife is pregnant.

"I am so thrilled. I have a specimen. I have a specimen. I knew it would be there. This time around I would be doing the announcement. I hope so bad she's pregnant," Rader says in the video, following which he collects the urine sample from the commode.

"Oh my gosh. oh my gosh. She is pregnant," the super excited Rader says after the pregnancy test showed a positive result.

Rader later asks Nia to check his pocket, from where she finds the positive pregnancy test kit.

"You brought a positive one home? You're such a dork. 'You're hilarious... you're pregnant," Nia questions, following which their daughter asks "You're pregnant, daddy? Daddy, only mommies get pregnant!".

The video uploaded by the couple on YouTube channel Sam and Nia has gone viral and has been viewed more than three million times in two days. 

Watch the viral video below: