An entire village came together to rescue a baby elephant, which had fallen into a well in Andhra Pradesh. The one-year-old calf is believed to be a member of a wild herd that had visited Ramakuppam village in Chittoor district on 22 August, Saturday night, searching for food. It fell into the 30-foot-deep open well at a farm.

Local villagers, who woke up to the sound of tuskers, found their fields destroyed by the herd. The herd tried its best to save the young one before going back to the forest, villagers said.

By Sunday morning, locals, along with Forest Department officials launched a rescue mission. They used an excavator to create a slope on one side of the well. 

After four-long-hours, the calf gathered enough courage to tread the man-made path. Slowly but steadily, it came out of the well, to the welcoming hoots and howls of the villagers. The calf had suffered no injuries and soon disappeared into the nearby forest to be reunited with its herd, Forest Department officials said.

Watch the video below: