Chef Gordon Ramsay
Chef Gordon RamsayReuters

Chef Gordon Ramsay's stay at Brick Hotel in Newtown, Pennsylvania, will be one of the most dramatic episodes in "Hotel Hell." In Season 3 episode 6. the Michelin star chef will meet one of the most difficult hotel owners but chef Ramsay will not back down either.

So far, chef Ramsay's escapades on FOX's "Hotel Hell" have been anything but pleasant. However, encoded into these stories of horror are tales of hope, hard work, imagination and creativity.

Chef Ramsay has always given fledgling hotels a make-over and has inspired a new way of conducting business. However, his only method of communication in Season 3 episode 6 will be that of aggression.

In the upcoming episode. the TV personality will meet a hotel owner who is in denial about all the problems in her establishment. The chef will also find the business' management and it's hygiene standards poor.

However, chef Ramsay will not focus just on the maintenance. He will perhaps intervene when the owner talks to her employees. Some of the hotel's past employees claimed that they didn't get paid during their stint at the Brick Hotel.  One disgruntled former employee described the          owners Verandar and CJ Jouhal as "whackos," according to 2 Paragraphs

In the promo for Season 3 episode 6, chef Ramsay rings the fire alarm in order to evict all the guests from their rooms. As the befuddled patrons stand in the cold, chef Ramsay tells the owner, "Customers out," and later tells the guests, "I want to shut this place down."

However, it seems as chef Ramsay will have a plan of saving Brick Hotel. The "MasterChef" judge will speak to the owner's son and inspire him to take control of his establishment. Chef Ramsay's talk will no doubt spark enthusiasm but it remains to be seen if Brick Hotel will adapt to the changes.

"Hotel Hell" Season 3 episode 6 airs at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday, June 28, on Fox. You can live-stream the episode via FOX NOW.