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Chef Gordon Ramsay explores and discovers new and disturbing secrets about Town's Inn. In Season 3 episode 4 of "Hotel Hell," the Michelin star chef has an honest conversation with the lodge's owner, Karan Townsend, about the food served in their restaurant. 

Of all the lodges that chef Ramsay has visited in this season's "Hotel Hell," Town's Inn seems to emerge as the worst. The historic inn located in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, seems to have two permanent guests: eccentricity and anachronistic objects. 

Last week, the "MasterChef" judge wasn't allowed to hang his clothes in the room assigned to him. The inn's owner Townsend said that the wardrobe is off-limits because she stores her clothes there. Chef Ramsay was shocked to hear it but his reaction might seem pale in comparison to what he will experience in Season 3 episode 4. 

The promo for the upcoming episode includes a scene in which chef Ramsay is inspecting the kitchen area. To his horror, he finds the cooking area furnished with four microwaves. In a sarcastic tone that seems to be one of his main character traits, chef Ramsay asks, "What is that there? Sports bar? Are those television screens?"  The kitchen staff then replies that the inn has five microwaves and two chefs. 

Later, chef Ramsay is served a dish of Macaroni and Cheese but it doesn't suit his palette. He comments on the weirdness of the American classic and is told by the inn owner that it was microwaved.

In an expression that captures his distaste, the chef says, "That's the weirdest and the most plastic looking Mac and Cheese I've ever seen in my entire life. There's no seasoning in there.. it needs to be put under the bed." 

Perhaps chef Ramsay will work on improving Town's Inn in the upcoming episode, but is the inn owner ready to change things? So far, Townsend has taken chef Ramsay's criticisms well, but it remains to be seen if she can let go of her hoarding habit.