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The latest instalment of "Hit the Floor" will focus on German's future in the aftermath of Olivia Vincent's (Charlotte Ross) death. Season 3 Episode 7 titled "Killer Crossover" will capture Ahsha (Taylour Paige) and Derek's (McKinley Freeman) plan.

In last week's episode titled "Carrying," Sloane was arrested for the death of Olivia. Her arrest was made after she once said that she hated Olivia. Episode 7 also depicted the end of German (Jonathan McDaniel) and Ahsha's troubled relationship. He finally found out that his girlfriend still harbours feelings for her ex, and let her go. These relationship problems resounded in Jelena and Terrence's (Robert Christopher Riley) hassle free relationship. Jelena (Logan Browning) found that her fiancé was soon going to be a father to an unborn kid. This threw her off guard and she suggested that they do a test to confirm if the baby is indeed Terrence's.

In the upcoming episode of the VH1 original scripted series, Ahsha and Derek will rush to the police station to reveal German's involvement in the crime. According to the summary released on TV Guide, the Devils' girl will race against time. Perhaps this is because the dancer will be scared for hers and Derek's life. After all, German would go to any length to save his own skin.

In the promo, Ahsha and Derek are seen running towards the cops and German watches them while seated in his car. He slides a gun into his pocket and follows them to the police station, but the law enforcement officers look surprised to see him there.

Episode 7 will also indicate what's in store for Jelena and Terrence. While he wants to provide for his kid, Jelena states that the kid isn't his. It's doubtful whether Terrence will listen to her.

Season 3 Episode 7's synopsis reads:

Ahsha and Sloane race against both time and each other. Elsewhere, Jelena makes a gamble; Terrence attempts to right a wrong; Zero visits his tragic past with Jude by his side; and Kyle makes a shocking confession.

"Hit the Floor" Season 3 Episode 7 airs on Monday, March 7, at 10 p.m. on VH1. You can live stream the episode here.