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German (Jonathan McDaniel) and Ahsha's (Taylour Paige) relationship will perhaps reach a breaking point in the latest episode of "Hit the Floor." In Season 3 Episode 4, the Devils member will be troubled about the past and won't be happy even though he gets his old job back. Will he confess his crime to someone?

Last week's episode titled "Fake Out" depicted Ahsha and German's future. The dancer got reinstated as a Devil's girl, but her boyfriend wasn't happy about it, especially after he found out that Derek had something to do with it. To be sure, German looked forward to a new life in Boston with Ahsha but realised soon enough that he couldn't run away from the past.

According to the synopsis released on TV Guide, "German will spiral out of control." He will not be able to deal with the guilt of murdering Olivia (Charlotte Ross). The upcoming episode will capture the emotional and mental turmoil he goes through. Even though he will try to stay calm, German will unravel and become violent.

In the promo, he enters the cabin of his girlfriend's father, Pete (Dean Cain), and breaks a picture frame. When Pete asks him if everything is alright, German replies in the affirmative. However, Pete does not believe him and asks him to take the day off.

Meanwhile, Ahsha will find comfort and solace from an old friend after seeing her boyfriend's mental state. She will become close to Derek and may act on her feelings. It remains to be seen if Ahsha will go back to German or leave him for Derek (McKinley Freeman).

Season 3 Episode 4's synopsis reads:

Lionel plans the biggest opening day in Devil's history; Ahsha tries to resist Derek as German spirals out of control; and Terrence and Jelena enlist a new ally. Later, Kyle's movie takes a sexy turn, and a surprising kiss changes everything.

"Hit the Floor" Season 3 Episode 4 airs on Monday, 8 February, at 10 pm on VH1. You can live stream the episode here.

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