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HBO is introducing popular web series "High Maintenance" to its Friday night slot on Sept. 16, at 11 p.m. ET. The premiere episode is titled "Meth(od)" and it will revolve around the lives of two best friends, Max and Lainey.

The official synopsis of episode 1, which can be watched online here, reads: "The Guy makes an uncomfortable delivery to a macho client and his taciturn friend. Best friends Max and Lainey's co-dependent relationship begins to wane after Max accidentally stumbles upon a new group of friends, but in order to stay part of this group, Max must keep up a charade while keeping Lainey's suspicions at bay."

"High Maintenance", which revolves around the life of a deliveryman called The Guy in New York City, was initially released on Vimeo in November 2012. Considering its popularity and its successful run for almost three years, HBO ordered six television episodes of the show in April 2015. 

The lead character of the television drama, created by Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, is being portrayed by Sinclair himself. Other celebrities to appear in the show include Max Jenkins, Helene York, Keilyn Durrel Jones, Kevin Mambo, Marisol Miranda, Chris Roberti, Colby Keller.

Here are some of the early reviews of " High Maintenance " that briefly explain what to expect from Sinclair and the team:


High Maintenance comes complete with a drug delivery premise that it quickly feels confident enough to ditch when needed, in favour of great, short form storytelling. Sinclair's delivery guy is enjoyable enough to watch. But as this first episode proves, we don't need him in order to get sucked into a side story.

The New York Times

"High Maintenance" is a pot comedy only in the sense that "Cheers" was an alcohol comedy. The series shares a setting and sensibility with comedies like "Broad City," though its structure and aesthetic are different. This is the same wry, peripatetic series at heart, a vision of urban life as a web of stories connected by wisps of smoke.


High Maintenance stands out, not just because it's on the front end of what is apparently a reefer TV trend, but because it's so precisely made and has such an ambling, open heart. You could say it's a show about depressives or semi-depressives all seeking their next pot-induced haze. But really, it's about people, and sometimes dogs, just trying to cut through all the fog and find each other.

Check out the trailer of "High Maintenance" premiere episode, titled "Meth(od)", below: