It has been a long wait for "Heroes" fans, but it is finally over, and its sequel series "Heroes Reborn" will be premiered on Thursday, 24 September. For those of you still deciding on whether or not to watch the show, we have compiled some of the best reviews for the first two episodes of the show.

Catch the series premiere of "Heroes Reborn" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Thursday, 24 September. You can also live stream "Brave New World" and "Odessa" via NBC Live!


"Heroes Reborn didn't have the strongest premiere for a franchise that ended its previous series on a down note, but the heavy serialized nature of this 13-episode season offers the promise for something that could be really good, if not great. Hopefully once the new characters develop more and some familiar faces pop back up the NBC drama will recapture the glory that made it such a hit to begin with."

The Verge

"It isn't necessary to know anything that's happened in past seasons of Heroes, technically, as gaps are filled in pretty effectively. But I'd argue you need some emotional connection to the series to make the weekly investment here. You need to want to see those callbacks and have some nostalgia for the original. Heroes Reborn is messy and soapy and promises a major payoff that, if the past is any indication, is unlikely to live up to the hype."

USA Today

"There are some well-executed effects and a few welcome flashes of humor, though those don't completely counter the overall sense of portent that fills most every "save the world" line. Fans of Heroes will be happy to see some old faces, with the promise of more to come — and fans of Chuck will be happy to see Zachary Levi back in a TV action/adventure fantasy, although in a very different role."

Stanford Daily 

"The plot of "Heroes Reborn," consisting of several interwoven storylines, is far and away its strongest selling point. Capitalizing on the simplicity of the characters, each arc launches explosively and maintains a satisfactory pace as it develops. The inundation of events brings some excitement with it, keeping our bodies just above their resting heart rate for the majority of the show's runtime. While the stories themselves are neither especially innovative nor altogether surprising, the events move quickly enough to distract from these issues for ultimately "Reborn" is less about what happens than constantly ensuring that something is happening."

The Mary Sue

"Tim Kring seems to have a real plan and purpose for the show that goes deeper than wanting another series on primetime or to milk something familiar for all it's worth. So if you were a fan of the original for most of the show, it certainly doesn't feel like something that will disappoint you."