"Heroes Reborn" is just a few episodes away from Season 1 finale, and we are getting closer to understanding what happened on 13 June, 2014 at the Odessa peace summit; literally. In the upcoming Episode 7 titled "June 13 – Part One", we see Noah (Jack Coleman) and Hiro (Masi Oka) travelling back in time, to see and possibly stop whatever evil happened there.

While new Evos, who are significant in saving the world, converges in the last few episodes, many originals "Heroes" are also making a comeback. Though we already saw Hiro, Molly Walker (Francesca Eastwood) and others, the coming episode will see the return of Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who is framed as the perpetrator of the attack on 13 June and Angela (Cristine Rose).

When Noah and Hiro travel back in time, they are expected to find out a truth that will completely change the course of "Heroes Reborn". In the upcoming episode in the past, we learn that just before Mohinder delivered his speech at the event, he got a message from Angela about Erica's (Rya Khistedt) true evil intentions.

In the promo for Episode 7, we see Claire (Hayden Panettiere) being mentioned over and over again. Whether Noah is able to stop her from dying by the end of the episode, or only gets to meet her in the past, we are hoping that Claire will make a comeback. Her presence is anticipated by almost every "Heroes" fan and the materialisation of the same would definitely get the episode an all-time high ratings. 

We get to see Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judi Shekoni) in the past, who appear much more cheerful that their present day selves, arriving at Odessa to cure their son's ailment. Meanwhile in Japan, Hachiro Otomo (Hiro Kanagawa) makes calculated moves against Hiro.

Watch Season 1 Episode 7 of "Heroes Reborn at 8.00pm (EST) on Thursday, 19 October. You can also live stream "June 13 – Part One" via NBC Live.