The two constants on "Hell's Kitchen" are drama and food, and sometimes both turn ugly. The latest instalment, Season 15 Episode 6, includes the two elements and it remains to be seen if the contestants can overcome their bitter rivalry and serve appetising food.

In the latest episode of "Hell's Kitchen" titled "12 Chefs Compete," Chef Gordon Ramsay will ask the red and blue team to participate in a grocery spelling competition. The 12 remaining contestants will have to spell ingredients using grocery carts. Fans of the show can expect to see a lot of chaos and confusion when the challenge ensues. However, this commotion will only be half of their problems because the teams have to prepare a stunning dish using the ingredients they've spelt.

The winners of this challenge will fly on a stunt plane, according to the synopsis on TV Guide. The summary also states that the losing team will have to make sangria for the dinner service.

If the promo is an indicator of who has won, then it could be the blue team. The men seem to have defeated the women once again. This defeat affects the general mood in the red team. In the video clip, the women begin to fight and tell Jackie that her quality of cooking has gone down.

However, Jackie seems to live in denial and refutes the allegations made by her contemporaries.

Season 15 Episode 6's synopsis reads:

A new member joins the blue team before a grocery spelling challenge, after which the winners go flying in a stunt plane, while the losers make sangria. Later, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Omar Benson Miller are VIP guests for a tense dinner service that offers some chefs the chance to shine as their competitors fall apart.

"Hell's Kitchen" Season 15 Episode 6 airs on Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 9 p.m. EST on Fox. You can live stream the episode via FOX NOW.