(Picture for representation) This heartwarming video of firefighters performing CPR on cat as its owner cry inconsolably.Pixabay

A heartwarming video of firefighters performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a cat after it was rescued from a house fire has gone viral. The owner of the cat is seen in the video sobbing and pleading with the firefighters not to give up on her pet.

The incident was reported from the Volgograd city in Southwest Russia. The ginger-white cat was found by the firefighters from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) on a stairwell of an apartment where a massive fire broke out earlier that day, reported on February 27.

The cat was brought outside and reunited with its worried owner. However, the poor feline initially remained unresponsive.

The rescuers started CPR on the cat immediately. They also opened an oxygen tank and held it near the cat's mouth. Another man was seen rubbing the feline's chest to get its heart beating again. All this happened while the owner stood near her pet, weeping inconsolably.

Luckily, the cat began breathing again and was seen opening and closing its mouth repeatedly. The cat was then handed over to the owner.

The video ended with the woman shedding tears of joy, hugging and kissing her beloved pet.

Pet owners will do well to be prepared for such emergencies. Microchipping your cat is the best way to locate them quickly.

Cats tend to hide — generally somewhere they feel safe — whenever they feel threatened. If you cannot locate your cat when there is a fire, quickly make a sound that is familiar to them, like crunching a treat packet.

Grab your pet and immediately, put it in a carrier and get out of the house as fast as possible. If you don't have a carrier, hold them tightly in your hand and run for it.

Check out the video of the cat being given CPR here: