Friday's episode of "Hawaii Five-0" will see the team working together with a con man to solve the mystery behind the death of his partner.

The episode is entitled Piko Pau 'iole, which translates into The Artful Dodger, and it will be aired on CBS at 9 pm Friday. Check out the episode online via CBS All Access, or click here to watch the episode.

According to spoilers doing the rounds, the eighth episode of the season will probably see Chin entering the dating scene. A new police officer from San Francisco will be arriving at O'ahu and working closely with Chin, and as they try to get involved in solving the of five Chinese arm dealers, a romance could bloom between Chin and Julie Benz's character, reports say.

In an earlier interview with TVGuide, showrunner Peter Lenkov said that season 6 will have a number of new characters being introduced to spice up the storylines.

"And then there's a lot of new faces we hope will become fan favorites, one being a potential love interest for a motorcycle-riding member of Five-0," Lenkov said, hinting at Chin's new love interest.

As for McGarrett, he had an interesting first date with nature enthusiast Lynn Downey, the character played by Sarah Carter, when they decided to explore an island, and ran into a mob boss who was hiding out there.

The episode ended with McGarrett rescuing Lynn by making Logan believe that he has no interest in her. Although the plan succeeded, Lynn was curious to know if he had a Plan B on the off chance Logan did not fall for McGarrett's lies. And the former Navy SEAL clinches another date when he agrees to tell her more about his plan "next Saturday."

The synopsis for this Friday's episode reads:

Five-0 works with a charming con man to find a killer, after his female partner is murdered on the job. Meanwhile, San Francisco police inspector Abby Dunn helps Chin investigate the murders of five Chinese arm dealers.