"Hawaii Five-0" season 6 is back after a two-week-long break. CBS aired episode 9 of the current season on 20 November and returns with episode 10 on 11 December, before the show goes on a winter break. Well, the fans have pinned high hopes on the mid-season finale as various reports suggest spine-chilling cliffhanger and the comeback of the big bad villain.

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Last time on episode 9, Five-0 investigated the murder of a college professor where Detective Chin Ho Kelly and his nephew, Eric, went under cover in a university to solve the case. The two portray themselves as the new professor and student, so that they could question the college students and find out what exactly happened.

The episode titled "Hana Keaka" (Charade) also showed Chin bonding with Agent Dunn during her stay in Hawaii.

This week's episode 10 is expected to be an explosive one, with a lot of things that are going to get down, before the show hits mid-season hiatus. Catch the Five-0 team solve the murder case of a promising local boxer as the season's biggest villain Gabriel aka Gabe makes a comeback.

Gabe, who last appeared in episode 4 of the current season will be back for the mid-season finale to plot a revenge against Adam Noshimuri. If you recall in episode 4, Adam was forced to torture Gabe's partner Aaron.

The episode titled "Ka Makau kaa kaua" (The Sweet Science) will focus on a new case where a local boxer is murdered and the prime suspect is one of his main contenders in the ring -- an outspoken reigning boxing champion.

The official plot synopsis of "The Sweet Science" reads: "Five-0 investigates when the brother of promising local boxer, Luke Nakano (Lewis Tan), is murdered and the prime suspect is Devon Haynes (Harold House Moore), the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland."

"Hawaii Five-0" season 6 episode 10, titled "The Sweet Science", will be aired on 11 December at 9pm on CBS.