In the previous episode of "Haikyuu", which marked Season 2 Episode 10, we finally saw a real match in the series this season, allowing us to notice the improvement in the Karasuno team as a whole since beginning of the training arc. Even if it marked the final episode of the arc, we can look forward to some whole-hearted celebration next week.

In "Gear" (Haguruma), we saw the rapid growth and improvement in Shōyō Hinata (Ayumu Murase), especially when he used his head in the beginning. He played his opponents so hard, even his team-mates were none the wiser about his trick, as proved by Tobio Kageyama's (Kaito Ishikawa) concern, when he went to check on his team-mate and friend.

Kei Tsukishima (Koki Uchiyama) too became a better player and leader at the end of the training arc, with him even ordering Kageyama in the court. Although it was not very helpful in the match thanks to Kōtaro Bokuto's (Ryohei Kimura) tricks, his newfound confidence will be very helpful in the upcoming match, which is expected to be extremely intense.

The match in "Gear' also showed us that our team members have all developed not only as players, but also the training has allowed them to be a better team, in terms or coordination, synchronisation and communication. It also allowed for us to see the desire in each of them to better themselves and be useful members to Karasuno.

We also expect a great deal of character development to Bokuto in the future episodes. It was hinted at, with how he lost his temper during the match. His anger would result in the failure of the Fukurodani Academy volleyball team, if he does not get better at managing it. Knowing the series, we can all hope that it would go in a better direction than worse for Bokuto.

The upcoming Season 2 Episode 11 of "Haikyuu!!" is expected to focus on celebrations and reminiscing about what the teams have accomplished, and of course a lot of eating. You can watch it live on Sunday, 13 December, via Haikyuu2 or Crunchyroll.