Juliette is now possessed by Eve
Juliette is now possessed by EveFB / Grimm

NBC has released new photos of Juliette as Eve, hinting that something significant is about to happen. Besides, it seems that Nick and Adalind will finally get comfortable with each other in the mid-season premiere titled "Eve of Destruction" of "Grimm" Season 5.

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According to the synopsis by TV.com, the surprise return of "Juliette" sends Nick on a quest for the truth. Trubel has information that could be valuable.

Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee turn to the Wesen Council for answers as the uprising escalates.

Eve had a heavy training where she was tortured with rigorous work. After the training, she becomes Hadrian Wall's secret weapon against the enemies and will assist him in Wesen War.

The Twitter account of "Grimm" released two new teaser pictures of Bitsie Tulloch – one is when her wounded character (Juliette) is seen with Meisner and the other when she is wearing a wig, possibly hinting that now she is "Eve".

In the previous episode titled "Wesen Nacht", Trubel told Nick about the resistance group Hadrian's Wall (Agent Chavez's group) and her work for them, fighting an underground war against the Wesen Uprising (Black Claws) organisation.

Nick, Hank and Wu were called to a vandalism case with a victim killed and another kidnapped, Xavier, where they found another claw mark. They suspected the victims to be Wesen, which Monroe, Rosalee and Bud confirmed.

Monroe also explained that many revolts along the history were instigated by Wesen. Xavier returned, claiming he escaped, and pointed them to a woman -- Billy.

Nick and Hank came clean to Renard about Chavez's death and her last message, "They're coming to Portland, it's war." Nick threatened Billy as a Grimm and she led Nick, Hank, Renard and Monroe to the gang's location.