The latest instalment of PBS Masterpiece's hit period crime drama "Grantchester" juxtaposes love and death against an idyllic setting in the British countryside.

[Spoiler Alert]

In Season 2 episode 2, Sidney (James Norton), the vicar, finds love again while his partner, detective Geordie (Robson Green) is left powerless while dealing with a case.

One of the major plotlines in Season 2 undoubtedly concerns Sidney's love life. The vicar, who was left heartbroken when Amanda (Morven Christie) married someone else, ranted about the lonesomeness that's taken over his life. Sidney opened his heart to the inspector when the two went for a swim.

The vicar's half-naked body in the first few minutes of episode 1, a symbol of his virility, positioned him as the village's most eligible bachelor. And we suspect that his journey to finding love will perhaps continue in episode 2.

According to the synopsis (via PBS Masterpiece), Sidney will be warned off an old romance, but he will find a new prospect. Is this the start of a tangible long-term relationship? Who will the vicar fall in love with?

The summary indicates that Sidney will not just swoon all over his lady love, but will be an intrinsic part of an investigation. When the death of a professor shocks the village, Geordie and Sidney join hands, but the former faces immense pressure while solving the case.

A government agent asks Geordie to stay away and this leads to an argument between the inspector and the vicar. In a promo released on Grantchester's Instagram page, the two are seen arguing about Geordie's lack of interest in solving the death. "You're letting them off the hook. Why aren't you asking them [questions]?"

"Grantchester" Season 2 episode 2 airs 9 p.m. EST Sunday, April 3, on PBS Masterpiece. You can live-stream the episode via PBS Masterpiece's website