After a short hiatus, "Grandfathered" will be back on Fox with a new family drama in the fifth episode of season 1 at 8pm on Tuesday, 1 November. The sequel is titled "Edie's Two Dads" and it will focus on Jimmy Martino (John Stamos) and his son Gerald E Kingsley (Josh Peck) trying to get Edie into preschool.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "When Gerald can't make it in time for Edie's interview at the most elite pre-school in the area, Jimmy steps in to help out. But once he meets the admissions counsellor (Joanna Garcia Swisher), he accidentally starts a lie that takes on a life of its own."

In a sneak peek, the father-son relationship is seen taking a turn for the worse after Edie's counsellor believes that the restaurant owner and Peck's character are gays. The confusion arises after the protagonist introduces him as the child's father to the tutor.

Although Jimmy and Gerald want to fix things by telling the truth to Swisher's character, Vanessa (Christina Milian) wants them to continue pretending to be in a homosexual relationship because she is worried about her child's future. So, it will be interesting to watch how the family fixes this new problem that has hit them due to a small lie by Jimmy.

Meanwhile, cast member Paget Brewster, who portrays Sara Kingsley in the comic series, teased a feud between her character and his son's friend. "Sara sort of doesn't want her son to be with this kind of hip-hop, young, seemingly reckless girl. She sort of judges Vanessa for getting pregnant with Gerald even though she did the same thing 26 years ago with Jimmy," Entertainment Weekly quoted her as saying.

However, the actress revealed that the two will eventually get to know each other and she will end up respecting her grandchild Edie's mother.

The show will also have television personality Phil McGraw joining the cast list later this season and portray a physician named Dr Bateman. His character is described as a no-nonsense doctor, whom the protagonist consults for the first time in almost over 20 years of his life, according to The Wrap.

CLICK HERE to watch "Grandfathered" season 1 episode 5, titled "Edie's Two Dads", live online on Fox at 8pm on Tuesday, 1 November.