When new comedy series "Grandfathered" returns on Fox with episode 2, titled "Dad Face", it will focus on the various challenges faced by Jimmy Martino (John Stamos) as he struggles to adjust with his newfound family. The sequel will be live streamed on the Fox website at 8 pm on Tuesday.

In the premiere episode, the 50-year-old bachelor restaurant owner learns about his adult son Gerald (Josh Peck) and his young daughter Edie. While helping his son in convincing the mother of his grandchild, the protagonist also tries to unite his family.

The second episode of the comedy series will begin by showing Gerald trying to surprise his father by organising a family trip to the beach. However, Jimmy will not be very pleased with the idea and decide to bail on the outing in favour of a glamorous pool party nearby.

In the promotional photos of "Dad Face", the restaurant owner can be seen enjoying his pool party with some hot ladies and giving valuable advice to his son on how to treat a woman. The images also show Vanessa (Christina Milian) and Sara Kingsley (Paget Brewster) spending quality time with each other at the beach.

The official synopsis of episode 2 reads: "Gerald surprises him with plans for the family's first trip to the beach, which excites everyone - except Jimmy. When he decides to bail on the outing in favor of a glamorous pool party nearby, he drags Gerald along, leaving Vanessa and Sara with a chance to get to know one another, for better or for worse."

Fox will air "Grandfathered" episode 2 "Dad Face" at 8pm on Tuesday, 6 October.