It has been opposite day every day in "Gotham" since Season 2 episode 16, with police officer Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) locked in a prison and billionaire Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) living in the streets. The upcoming "Prisoners" will see how Gordon gets affected by the prison life, even as newly free man Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) tries to fit in with his new family.

In the previously aired "Mad Grey Dawn," Penguin had met his biological father Elijah Van Dahl (Paul Reubens) and in the upcoming episode, he will meet the rest of his new family. Penguin learns that he has a step-mother in Grace Van Dahl (Melinda Clarke), a money-crazy socialite who disapproves of his arrival at their house. 

Penguin also has step-siblings Charles Van Dahl and Sasha Van Dahl who are both equally desperate for money. According to the promo for "Prisoners," it looks like Sasha will go to great lengths to ensure that she gets the Dahl fortune, even sleeping with Penguin. It will be interesting to see his response to this, considering Penguin has never been shown as a sexual being, and has only been truly close to his late mother. 

However, it is quite difficult to imagine that Dr Strange (B.D. Wong) would let Penguin live a truly happy life after the series of experiments. He did say letting Penguin out in to the world was also part of his experiment. One can help but wonder if the new family is also part of Strange's master plan. They probably might seduce him, in more ways than one, to go back to his old ways. 

Meanwhile, Gordon will have the worst time of his life in the prison. Considering he was a cop who put many prisoners behind bars, he will not have a shortage of enemies in there. Despite Lee (Morena Baccarin) and Harvey's (Donal Logue) repeated attempts to give him hope, he seems to drown in depression and self-pity.

Watch Season 2 episode 16 of "Gotham" at 8 p.m. (EST) Monday, March 28. You can also live-stream "Prisoners" via Fox Now