If Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) is happy in her new relationship with Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), this will perhaps be short-lived. In the upcoming episode of "The Good Wife", the two will have to put their relationship on hold because of Peter's (Chris Noth) presidential campaign. Reason? The public needs to believe that the presidential candidate is living a happy married life.

In season 7 episode 9, titled "Discovery", Alicia is asked by Eli (Alan Cumming) and Ruth (Margo Martindale) to stay by her estranged husband's side. This plan, according to them, will help bolster public support for Peter and his bid for presidency. However, there are many complications in the plan and some of them will arise in episode 9.

According to reports, Alicia's love interest, Jason will struggle to deal with this reality. In the promo for episode 9, Eli and Jason have a stand-off after the campaign manager asks Jason to keep his relationship with Alicia private. However, Jason is flabbergasted and asks if Eli is joking, but all he receives is a steely smile, that seems to tick him off. He might just leak the truth about Alicia and Peter's marriage. If the episode's title "Discovery" is an indicator of what's to come, we predict the public and the media will learn more about Peter's personal life.

Season 7 episode 9's synopsis reads:

"Alicia and Lucca join forces with Louis Canning to defend a Web site accused of racial profiling. Meanwhile, Eli and Ruth worry about the nature of Alicia's relationship with Jason and how it could impact Peter's presidential campaign."

"The Good Wife" season 7 episode 9, titled "Discovery", airs on Sunday, 29 November, at 9.30pm on CBS. You can live stream the episode here.