If there's a relationship that's unresolved on "The Good Wife", it is the friendship Alicia and Eli used to share. The former went on to become Alicia's bitter enemy after he revealed he erased Will Gardner's (Josh Charles) text, which said he still loved her and would do anything to be with her. This news did little to make Alicia happy. In fact, it made her lose her perspective and impelled her to stay away from Eli. In the upcoming episode, Eli will make his exit, but before he goes away, he tries to talk to Alicia one last time. Will she forgive him?

In the promo for the latest episode, Eli (Alan Cumming) is seen packing his bags. He says his goodbyes to Ruth (Margo Martindale). He walks down to Alicia's (Juliana Margulies)  office to see her personally, but she closes the door on his face. The lawyer still isn't ready to get over the fact that she could have had a wonderful life with Will.

Elsewhere in the episode, Alicia and Cary work on a copyright infringement case. Alicia's client cannot use the music he has composed because he's unaware someone has bought his music already, reports MNR Daily.

The synopsis for Season 7 Episode 12 reads:

Alicia and Cary join forces to defend a former client who is facing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit over ownership rights to his new music. Meanwhile, Alica's neighbours threaten her with eviction for operating her firm out of her apartment.

"The Good Wife" Season 7 Episode 12 airs on Sunday, 17 January at 10 pm on CBS. You can live-stream the episode free via CBS Live.