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In the upcoming episode titled "King of the Klondike" of "Gold Rush" Season 6, it seems Tony, Todd and Parker prepare themselves to fight against the harsh weather and win the race as winter approaches.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, as winter closes in, the final race for gold intensifies. Todd runs two massive washplants, Tony pushes to get his dredge out of the water before it freezes and Grandpa John arrives to find out if Parker has beaten his rival Todd.

After struggling with his previous washplants, Todd finally manages to build two new ones and runs them successfully. However, he is still worried due to his past experience and is being extra cautious to ensure there are no defects in his washplants this time.

Tony broke his dredge buckets in the previous episode and had difficulty finding equally big containers. With the freezing winter approaching, he must hurry, otherwise his dredge will be stuck in the frozen water for a long time.

To his shock, Parker finds Grandpa John has returned. Initially, he hopes Grandpa will help him with the drilling operations. However, Parker gets irritated when John keeps questioning him about defeating Todd as Parker is already going through a difficult phase.

Whether the three of them make it through the harsh weather will be seen only once the episode airs.

In the previous episode, titled "Frozen Pay," a frozen cut forced Parker to divert a creek and mine the thawed pay gravel beneath. Tony faced disaster when he broke his dredge buckets and Todd doubled down with a second monster wash-plant.