Riley and Maya are well rested after running a campaign for Uncle Eric (Will Friedle) and their complete attention is now on school work – well, as much attention as they can muster.

In Season 2 Episode 10 of "Girl Meets World", the "Girl Meets the New Teacher", who is much like Cory's own second-favourite teacher, Jonathan Turner.

Fans of "Boy Meets World" may remember Mr Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) as the teacher who all students loved, but who did not get along with Mr Feeny (William Daniels) very well, because of his unconventional teaching methods. The new teacher is definitely bringing that back, because according to the synopsis for "Girl Meets the New Teacher", this leather-jacket wearing, bike-riding teacher is repeating history by inspiring all the kids, but getting in trouble with the management. 

Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya's (Sabrina Carpenter) friendship is mirrored on Cory and Shawn's friendship from "Boy Meets World" and therefore, it is possible that much like Shawn, Maya also ends up having a deep affection for the new teacher.

Watch out for season 2 episode 10 of "Girl Meets World", which will air on Disney Channel at 8.30 pm (EST). You can also watch it live on Disney Channel Go

Meanwhile, fans fear that Shawn (Rider Strong) and Katy (Cheryl Texiera) may just not be able to move forward, with first Angela's (Trina McGee) and now, Kermit's impending arrival. We just finished sighing in relief after Angela confirmed that her friendly visit was just that; a friendly visit. In fact, she may have been even pushed her ex-boyfriend Shawn a little towards Maya's mother.

But the newly-announced visit of Kermit, Katy's ex, reeks of nothing but trouble. As we all know, Kermit left Katy to raise their daughter all on her own. His return can only mean that either he wants forgiveness or that he wants something from them. Either way, he is going to cause some damage in the budding romance between Shawn and Katy.

We do not have a confirmed date for when Kermit will arrive, seeing as the mid-season hiatus is just a few episodes away. But the episode is rumoured to be titled "Girl Meets Forgiveness".