A still from a YouTube video showing a 'ghost car' appearing out of nowhere and causing a crash (Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot)
A still from a YouTube video showing a 'ghost car' appearing out of nowhere and causing a crash (Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot)YouTube Screenshot

A mysterious video showing what has been called a 'ghost car' appearing out of nowhere on a Russia road has bewildered people across the world.

In the baffling video clip, a car is seen appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the city streets and causing an accident.

The footage, which has now gone viral, appears to have been shot by a driver behind a BMW at the traffic lights of a busy junction. A row of cars turn left before the car in front brakes abruptly as another mysterious vehicle seems to materialize out of thin air.

The driver in the car where the footage is being filmed yelps when the so called 'ghost car' appears.

The two-minute video appears to have been shot on a camera attached to a driver's dashboard.

Bewildered and confused, viewers of the clip, that has so far managed to attract as many as 3.3 million views on YouTube, have made various attempts to come up with theories explaining how the car popped up in the street out of thin air.

Watch the video Below:

"This is easy. Pay attention closely the tram around 0:04 - 0:08, there you can see the headlight reflection of the ghost car on the street. Yes, the ghost car took theat empty line next to the tram, speeding," one YouTube user with the name Indra Setiawan hypothesizes.

"As the car was turning, the 'ghost' car...was already coming out of the other lane, but the car obscured it as it was turning, then they hit," was another response from 'TheLongCyclist'.

Various other people have tried explaining the bizarre happening by similar claims and theories. Although the theories seem to be explanations from a logical point of view, nothing really seems to convincingly elucidate how that car just appeared there.

Could this peculiar incident be related to aliens or time-travelers? Did the car appear there suddenly from a different time? Or it is really a bunch of disgruntled spirits really trying to scare humans? There is room for imagination!