Video of a 'Ghost' appearing at a football stadium in Bolivia. (Image: YouTube screengrab)
Video of a 'Ghost' appearing at a football stadium in Bolivia. (Image: YouTube screengrab)YouTube

Videos of, what appears to be, a ghostly figure running through fans, during a football match in Bolivia have gone viral. The clips show a black shadowy figure popping up out of nowhere and running through the audience.

The shadow, of a person on the run, appeard to glide quickly through the stands, during a game in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia on Thursday night, various news sources have reported. The strange shadowy figure even appears to run straight through a barrier at speed.

The video, shot during the television broadcast of the match, has now gone viral, with several bewildered internet users trying to share their theories on the strange spectacle. Many are of the opinion that it cannot be fake.

One YouTube user remarks: "I don't think its fake, but it's funny how if it was a person, you'd see other people move and he just floats over the gap so it's not a man, and who would edit a ghost into live footy match... if it's a ghost how come only cameras can see it, some might think it's a shadow of an object in the sky but it would change when it get to the gap."

British tabloid Daily Mail notes that this is not the first time that unexplained and bizarre apparitions have been spotted at a South American stadium.

Previously, a figure was seen tapping a ball over the goal post in another strange happening during Venezuela's match against Colombia. Some Venezuelans believe the 'ghost' of their deceased President Hugo Chaves was responsible for saving the otherwise-certain goal.

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