Monaca Little Indians have been facing a really bad losing streak
Monaca Little Indians have been facing a really bad losing streakFacebook/Friday Night Tykes

The competitive world of football will return to Esquire TV Tuesday, April 05, 2016, and fans will be unlikely grabbing the parents' attention for more reasons that one. Adam, born Abby, will be the youngest member of the Monaca Lil Indians, making him the first gender fluid player of the show.

As fans of the Esquire show know, Coach Ricky Suman has been having a tough time convincing parents that he is a right fight for the Monaca Lil Indians. In fact, a promo for the upcoming episode from "Steel Country" reveals parents are holding an emergency meeting pertaining to Coach Suman. It is understood that they want him out.

However, Coach Suman also realises that his team is playing for survival at this point." He will try his best to get his boys to step up and do everything in his power to break Monaca Lil Indians' losing streak.

Meanwhile, a new tyke is joining the team and he is going to grab some eyeballs this season. Abby, who goes by the name Adam, is an enthusiastic football player who is only eight years old. Not only is he the youngest member of the team, but according to his mother, Adam is gender fluid.

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His mother says that although she had initially thought that her daughter is a transgender, she is actually gender fluid. She apparently feels like Adam or Abby at a particular time and behaves accordingly. And his mother says that he like Adam 70 percent of the time and like Abby the rest of the 30 percent.

Coach Suman has been very accepting of the littlest tyke of his team and is pushing his as hard as the other boys. He was reportedly picked on by the other children in his school but on the field he finally found a place where he belongs.

"My kid aint a quitter. I don't care if she sits on the sidelines but she is not quitting. She can sit on sidelines all year," the loving mother said. More than anything else though, she just wants Adam to be happy.

Find out how good of an addition Adam will be to Monaca Lil Indians in the upcoming episode 3 of "Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country" when it airs at 9 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, April 05, 2016. You can also live-stream the episode via Esquire TV Now.