The upcoming science fiction TV series "Minority Report" is set in Washington DC 10 years after Pre-Crime was terminated as was shown at the end of Spielberg's 2002 movie of the same name. The three precogs have moved on with their lives since then.

Cinema Blend has reported that the Max Borenstein's upcoming version of "Minority Report" stays true to the original movie's mythology as it has been assisted by Steven Spielberg.

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One of the precogs named Agatha (Laura Regan) continues to live in solitude while another named Arthur (Nick Zano) has become a wealthy man using his precognitive skill. The third one, Dash (Stark Sands), is haunted by visions of murders and is desperately trying to stop them. The show picks up the pace when Dash meets Laura Vega (Meagan Good).

In an interview with BuddyTV, Sands told that Dash was thought of as the weakest precog among all three. "While Agatha can see anything, Dash only gets the feelings and the emotions and the little glimpses. Arthur sees the names, faces and the facts of the crime."

Both Dash and Vega have the same mission to change the world and save lives. Vega has the feeling that she cannot make any difference as the Pre-Crime has been terminated.

As in the movie, the series' characters will have to determine whether a murder is really going to happen as a precog's vision is not always accurate.

Good said in the interview that Dash is soon to become a fan favourite because "he has this sweet, little boy innocence to him and he hasn't really seen the world yet. He's really witnessing the world for the very first time."

"Even though Vega has a hard exterior and shows this really tough side and is really quick with a zinger and throws shade at detective Will [Wilmer Valderrama] every once in a while, she really is soft on the inside. She wants the world to be a better place. It's a wonderful, complicated character and Meagan really nails it," Sands said.