Representational - Fireworks streak past in front of the supermoon outside the town of Mosta, celebrating the feast of its patron saint, in central Malta, August 10, 2014.Reuters

A powerful explosion at a fireworks factory in Colombia was captured on video, with the blast so powerful that the cameraman was thrown off his feet.

An explosion occurred in a fireworks warehouse near Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, on Sunday. One person was injured in the blast and five warehouses that stored gunpowder were destroyed, as per reports. 

The video shows a building blowing up in a huge blast, which knocked over the cameraman who, however, continued to record footage of the dramatic explosion, which set off fireworks into the sky. 

The massive smoke cloud is seen interspersed with streaks of fireworks, and the video also records the terrifyingly loud noise from the blast.

Watch the Video Here.