If Simone didn't achieve her goal of killing her grandfather, Otto, in the previous episode, we doubt if she can pursue that dream henceforth. The Gerhardts, predictably, are blood thirsty for revenge and after an attack by the Kansas City crime syndicate, we doubt if Simone's relationship with Mike Milligan will escape the Gerhardts' radar. 

At the end of Season 2 Episode 6, Hazee looked postively maniacal with a shot gun in his hands. Although, we don't know where he will venture, we safely predict that Dodd's (Jeffrey Donovan) right hand men will bury himself in more investigation in the latest episode. After all, an attack at the Gerhardts' residence cannot go unpunished or unresolved. 

If Hanzee does manage to dig up the truth, Simone (Rachel Keller) and her boyfriend, Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) might not be spared. 

Furthermore, Season 2 Episode 7 titled "Did you do this? No you did" will depict detective Hank Larsson (Ted Danson) and  Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson), as they investigate in Fargo, North Dakota. This is the Gerhardts' base, and will possibly offer more clues to Rye Gerhardt's death. 

Season 2, Epsiode 7's synopsis, released by TV Guide reads:

Lou and Hank investigate in Fargo; the king of breakfast visits Betsy and Molly; Floyd (Jean Smart) is summoned away; and Bear questions a family member's loyalty.

In it's review for "Fargo" Season 2, TV.com states, "What makes Fargo different from most shows is its terrific ensemble that's game for anything and the show's proven record of discarding its actors when it deems it necessary. It's an inherent positive trait for any anthology—the luxury of having great actors who don't expect to be around for more than a season—but Fargo takes advantage of it particularly well." 

"Fargo" Season 2, Episode 7 titled "Did you do this? No you did" airs on Monday, 23 November at 10pm on FX. You can live stream the episode online here