Season 2 of the crime thriller, "Fargo" has explored many ideas. Among them, marriage, love, family, violence and American politics are embedded in a plot that depicts the consequences of crime. As the season progresses, the show foregrounds the battle between the Gerhardts and the Blomquists. The latter are your average middle class couple trying to find financial mobility, but as fate would have it, they're guilty of killing Rye Gerhardt, a member of the crime family. 

Last week's episode depicted Ed (Jesse Plemons) and his wife, Pegggy's (Kirsten Dunst) problematic relationship. Even as Peggy begs her husband to leave Luverne and move to California, he remains rooted to his city. This decision, however, comes at a price. The butcher is attacked by Rye's nephew, Charlier Gerhardt and his associate, Virgil. Ed kills Virgil, and drags Charlie out of the butcher shop that's on fire. At the end of episode 5, Peggy returns. She sells her car so that her husband could buy the butcher shop, but it is too late. 

In season 2 episode 6, the married couple try to defend their decision to remain in Luverne. Admittedly, this is the first time that Ed and his wife have been there for each other. Peggy's return to Minnesota indicates a change of heart towards her husband and their marriage. And if fear doesn't override her relationship with Ed, we predict them to be stronger whilst facing the Gerhardts.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode also indicates that the crime family will want to bring home one of their own. This obviously is a reference to Charlie Gerhardt, who travelled from Fargo, North Dakota to find his uncle's killers. Even if Charlie's father, Bear and his grandmom, Floyd (Jean Smart) are glad to see the teenager unhurt, will they resist attacking the Blomquists? 

Episode 6's synopsis reads:

"Lou and Hank try to prevent an altercation; Peggy and Ed defend their choices; and the Gerhardts attempt to get back one of their own."

"Fargo" season 2, episode 6 titled "Rhinoceros" airs on Monday, 16 November at 10pm on FX. You can live stream the episode via FX website.