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The latest instalment of "The Family" will travel back in time. Season 1 episode 7, titled "All the Livelong Day," will depict how Willa's (Alison Pill) secrets and web of lies prohibited the real Adam (Liam James) from meeting his family 10 years ago.

[Spoiler Alert]

Last week, Willa and her mother, Claire (Joan Allen) found out that the 18-year-old Adam is in fact a stranger called Ben. A few flashback scenes revealed Ben and Adam were held captive by the pockmarked person. So what happened to Adam?

The synopsis for episode 7 details Adam visited Red Pines after he was kidnapped but his return was set against the background of Willa's secrets and lies." Did she stop him from meeting the rest of the family? Or did he go back after the town assumed he's dead? This remains to be seen.

The promo for episode 7 reveals Willa and Ben knew each other before he took on Adam's identity. In the video clip, Ben tells her Adam died only recently and although she is overcome with shock, it appears she choreographed a fake return so her family could find happiness.

Willa accepts her culpability when her mother Claire (Joan Allen) asks about Ben. Claire, however, doesn't believe it even when Willa says she did it for the family. Claire accuses her of manipulating the family members so they could win the race for governor.

Will Willa finally come clean in episode 7? To what extent has she hidden things from her family? This will be revealed in the TV series' upcoming episode.

"The Family" Season 1 episode 7 airs 9 p.m. EST Sunday, April 10 on ABC. You can live-stream the episode via ABC Go.